All the Rage

Day 5 – All the Rage

New faces all around with just two familiar ones from the previous four sessions.  This now what I think is the second level of the course.

I missed last week’s class so this would have been the second class for most people on this set.

So apparently, on the last class that I missed, they did an exercise called “Get Out”.  This exercise will have the person wait for another person to enter the scene and once that person enters, the one waiting will channel their inner rage, let it out, and get the person to get out of the scene, that is, through the door, stage left.

As I watched the Bob* do the exercise, I felt some nervousness as I wasn’t sure how much rage I am able to get out in that very short time to prepare.  On top of that, my husband (not Bob*) gave a very scary and surprising performance that I felt it was going to be a tough act to follow.

So finally my turn was up. I sat on the couch trying my best to get some pent up anger out and when I saw my first partner come in, I let it out, although my mind was still conscious of the fact that I was just acting.  This may have showed as Michelle was coaching me to give out “more rage”, “more anger”.

Pre-RagePreparing for the scene

After the third person, I felt more comfortable, but I still had some degree of consciousness and I kept thinking, “repetition, repetition”, which might have not been a good idea as I was still doing the exercise as “a person raging” and not as “me in rage” if that makes any sense at all.

One of the good things that happened after this exercise is that the following day, I had a higher degree of calmness at work, most likely due to letting out anger that previous night.  Although a little hoarse, I still felt good about myself and felt up to more challenges like these.

* Names have been changed for privacy purposes

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