Totally Unexpected

Day 4 – Totally Unexpected

For the repetition exercise, which we are always do each class, we were now asked to think of something to say to our exercise partner that would totally throw them off and get a reaction, whether it be true or not.  Just get a reaction and trigger the repetition exercise from there.

It was quite a fun and funny exercise as I watched each person say something funny, sometimes offensive, to get the reaction.

My turn to say something to fish for a reaction.

“You are so happy and cheerful I just want to cut my wrist!”

The reaction of Mika* was of surprise, like she did not know how to react.  Before we were to start the repetition, Michelle will ask us to describe what we saw, then start the repetition from there, based on the expression we described.

“You looked confused,” I said after describing Mika’s* reaction.

“I looked confused?” she throws back.

“You looked confused.”, I repeat, then followed it up with, “You are smiling.”

“I am smiling”

… and so on.

I guess this is where the concept of the repetition exercise finally sunk in to me, especially when I was at the receiving end from Mika*.


Responding truthfully to that scenario.

* Names have been changed for privacy purposes

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