Independent Activity

Day 3 – Independent Activity

A few days before the class, Michelle sent out an email to prepare us for the activity that we will be doing.

From what I interpreted, I would be doing a something onstage that I would normally do in real life, like play solitaire, build a house of cards, etc.

I chose to sew a missing button on my sweater because it’s one of those things that I have been meaning to do, and I thought this was the perfect time to do it; not only will I do an acting exercise, I’d be able to wear my sweater again!

So there I was starting my exercise.  I was desperately trying to insert the thread into the needle. Because of my laser eye surgery, I turned near sighted so that alone was a challenge. I can feel all eyes on me while I struggled inserting the thread.

Faking it and pretending to proceed sewing crossed my mind but, luckily enough, I found a needle in my kit with thread already in. Phew!

Five minutes into sewing the button, which felt like 20 hours really, Michelle told me to hold off and prepare for the second part of the exercise, which is to do the same activity but this time, do it as if I just heard very distressing news.

After everyone did their rounds, it was my turn again with a more levelled up activity.  While waiting to enter the stage, I was doing my best to think of something in the past that I learned was distressing. The amount of time I had was too much pressure would have been sufficient motivation for my distress as I needed to get going and enter the stage.

Finally, I found myself on the couch, sewing the button again with some amount of stress in my face, expression, and action.  I think I pulled it off and am quite glad, although I did feel some exhaustion in channelling something negative into my system.

As for the sweater, I am able to wear it again, and later realized that the button I sewed in is different from the rest of the original button.

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