Billy Elliott was Nothing I Expected

April 2013, Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver, BC – At first, I wasn’t too keen on seeing the show but within the first 10 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised by how the story and songs were coming to, finding myself engrossed by the show, despite some lines which I could not make out due to the heavy accents played by the performers.

I especially like Janet Dickinson’s rendition of Mrs. Wilkinson, often funny, sarcastic, but played with heart.  Noah Parets played Billy in this performance and he did not disappoint, in fact, his dance routines will take your breath away.  Now I wish I could have seen the other 2 Billys playing the part and see how they fare.


As for the other child performers, I just admire the talent they had shown at such a young age in a show that I can only imagine to be very demanding.

 BillyElliott-3 BillyElliott-2

Billy Elliott was a great surprise and since then, I had been listening to the London Cast Recording non stop. Now I understand what the hype was all about when it was still paying on Broadway. Oh and yeah, it won best musical 😉

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