Dirty Dancing: The Movie Incarnated On Stage

I had neglected the blog for more than a year now so most posts will be past shows I’ve attended since. I haven’t even done posting the really old ones and hopefully I can pick up from here, well, from the post 2 days ago at least.

My trip to London Summer 2013 cannot be complete without attending a show so we looked for one that was available.  We only spent a few nights there so I didn’t want to be too choosy.

So the show we were able to get into was Dirty Dancing at the Picadilly Theater

Dirtydancing1Found out that the show was not really a musical but rather, a show that had lots of music. Music from the show playing on the background.  There were some singing, of course, but not like the usual musical, and there was no original song done, either. I realized later that even if the show had been running for quite sometime now, and even if a North American run had already gone in Toronto, there was no cast recording done, and that should have clued me in.

The saving grace for the show, though, was the choreography, and I think that was what kept the show running. Oh and the classic “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” line which, as expected, made the audience cheer.

dirtydancing2 dirtydancing3 dirtydancing5All in all, though, not a bad 1st theater experience in London, but it could have been better.

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