Evita: I Got To Be A Part of B.A.!

Finally! One of my favourite musicals which I have not seen on stage up until early this year!

Evita-1 Evita-2First thing I checked when I entered was the cast list.  I was disappointed to see that Caroline Bowman was not performing but I kept an open mind about Desi Oakley, which was a good thing as I became an instant fan.  Very glad to see that Josh young and Sean McLaughlin were performing that time, too, and was just floored by how great their voices were.

Josh would have been the perfect replacement for Ricky Martin I’m just wondering how that did not happen. The way that Desi’s song renditions were crystal clear you can really make out the words.

The sets were very basic, nothing overly grand that could have potentially over shadowed the performances or the story, nor was it underwhelming and the costumes just simply awesome.


This is only the curtain set before house lights fade; it’s not the actual show set

I didn’t expect to enjoy some numbers like “I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You” and “Art of the Possible” but surprisingly I did and I found it weird that the first applause was given at “Buenos Aires”, which is an expected showstopper anyway, and yes, it did take my breath away, as did “The Money Kept Rolling In”.

evita-3Met some cast after the show and they were gracious and accommodating enough to pose for pictures and sign the programme, especially Sean McLaughlin who stayed the longest with his family to mingle with the audience.

evita-4Unfortunately, Desi Okaley was nowhere to be found… or managed to slip by unnoticed… but either way, am very grateful for their excellent performance and for making my first Evita show wonderful!

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