The Lion King at the Paramount Theater

After being on Broadway since ’97 and since multiple touring that had come and go, I finally saw the much acclaimed Lion King at Seattle’s Paramount Theater in March 2009.

I got lucky on this one. All though that run, I couldn’t find tickets as they were sold out but that previous night, I just checked one more time and, lo and behold, I found 2 balcony tickets at Ticketmaster selling for $50 each. Without hesitation, I bought the tickets and me and my then partner, drove to Seattle the following morning.

It is exactly everything that I expected and I remember the opening just gave me shivers, just thinking of the fact that I am finally seeing the show.

LionKing-1 LionKing-2

My stolen stage shot. Yup, I am at nosebleed seats but that did not stop me from enjoying the show.


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