For A Cause: The Philippines Needs Help After Devastating Typhoon

My Fashion for a Cause items are usually of charity stuff connected with fashion that I think might be of interest, but this time, it doesn’t really have anything to do with fashion but I feel this needs to be communicated.

As we near Christmas and New Year, we reflect on the people who perished, are suffering, and are still missing because of the devastating typhoon that hit the Southern part of the Philippines, causing widespread flash floods.

The death toll had been overwhelming and seems to be rising still as there are still lots that haven’t been found.  So sad to think that this happened just days before Christmas, and while we are celebrating this season, please do send a prayer for the people affected or better yet, send any help by going to the links below.

Bayanihan Online lists down ways and accounts that can be used to donate or send help.  For Canadian residents, please send donations to Global Medic.

Click here for Red Cross link.

On behalf of the Filipino people, thank you very much!

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