Rent – Broadway 1999

I thought of seeing Rent again, this time, on Broadway, to really get a feel of the musical. It really had a different vibe this time, primarily due to the audience who was more responsive and active than the Vancouver crowd.

Rent-NYC-Cast-2 Rent-Cast-List-Aug

Chad Richardson, who played Mark in the Canadian Tour, was then performing as Roger and I felt it suited him better.

Tamara Podemski, who was in the Canadian cast as well (before it came to Vancouver) was the principal Maureen and it was impeccable!  Much, much better than the first one I saw and the chemistry with her Joanne was really great as it seems they are just really having fun with their roles and the audience really showed their appreciation.

This company includes a pre-We Will Rock You/ Jesus Christ Superstar revival Tony Vincent and Jose Llana who went on to become a major leading player on Broadway, performing in high profile shows such as Flower Drum Song with Lea Salonga, although on that evening’s performance, the role was played by Queer Eye’s Jai Rodriguez.


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