Chicago the Musical Really Had All That Jazz

August 1999 – Last day in NYC and I thought of going to another show.  Having listened to the Chicago CD, I chose it over Cabaret.

The Shubert Theatre overwhelmed me with its interior décor.  I was up the balcony and I remember going up and thinking how high up I am going but luckily, I found the theater intimate enough to have a good and full view.


I expected the show as it was – no grand sets, no costumes, but it did not fail to hold my attention.  The element of fun did show and the audience appreciated it for how it was done.  All through I was thinking how it looks like one of those film noir, but live.

Sandy Duncan played Roxie and Ruthie Henshall played Velma so how lucky was I! Only thing I should have done, in hindsight was to wait for them by the stage door to get pictures with them, but can you believe at that time, I didn’t have a digital camera and the camera I had was out of film?

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